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Prince Has Epilepsy.

and I have an oldman crush on Bob Dylan.

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I'm 19. But I "have an old soul" and still "act like a child". I have a lot of doubts, while trying to strengthen my faith. Yeah, that's right I'mma Christian. Loathe away, but I love you anyhow.

My love beats your hate any day of the week. It says so in the (BIBLE) DO THE RIGHT THING::

"we are the dead.", 1984, 60s music, 70s men, 80s cheesiness, 90s cartoons, a goofy movie, acting my age, adult swim, african diaspora, alternative rock, androgyny, anime, arizona, awkward situations, bad commercials, bad music videos, bass guitar, bears, being spiritual not religious, black jeans, bocked bonssss!!!!!!!!! boosh., bollywood, broccoli with cheese, cap locks, cartoons, christoper robin, collar bones, cool nerds, cowboy hats, crasians, dancing badly, david bowie, deserts, disney music, documentaries, doing the time warp, dollar stores, drawing, eating, fall, fat moments, fluffy things, french toast, french words, funk, funny intelligence, goat eyes, good music videos, grainy music, grainy video, h&m, imperfect teeth, indie, infomercials, innapropriateness at appropriate times, inside jokes, internets, irony, kid shows, lace, lady bugs, laughing, laughing till it hurts, lays chips, lennon, long hilarious online chats, love, lucid dreaming, lulz, magic, mammies, manga, michael jackson, michael keaton's eyebrows, motif, mr. mom, neon lights, new ideas, new places, nice smells, orange juice, pancakes, pasta, pelvic thrusts, pepsi, piss, plants, pop, post-punk, potatoes, psychedelic, punk fashion, random background characters, reading, red hair, reno 911!, ridiculousness, silent intensity, silhouettes, singing instead of talking, sleeping, soup, spazzing, speech impediments, spontaneity, spring, stereotypes, stupid amounts of ketuchp, suits, talking in british accent, the clash, the future, the killers, the past, the soup, thesauras, thinking in british accent, tim & eric, venture brothers, video games, watchmen, words, writing, you